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 Three Little Pigs Rubs

The new dry rubs are what The Three Little Pig BBQ team had used for the last 15 years in contests to win 43 Grand Championships. They were all developed by his father and mother, Joan and Larry Marks, and Chris. Each new rub has won a Grand Championship throughout the 15 years of competition cooking. There are five dry rubs: the Kansas City All Purpose BBQ Seasoning (all-around seasoning for everything from poultry to french fries), Memphis Style BBQ Seasoning (for beef, three kinds of pepper and Worcestershire powder), Kansas City Sweet Seasoning (savory rub, a starter that can combine well with added salt or sugar), Kansas City Touch of Cherry BBQ Seasoning (sweet cherry with brown sugar and smoke lending a caramelized flavor to meats), and Kansas City Championship BBQ Seasoning (sweet and spicy, for meats, chili, and baked potatoes).

Three Little Pigs Rubs

Three Little Pigs Dry Rub Three Little Pigs Dry Rub

For bulk pricing on these rubs, see details below:

Bulk Seasoning Pricing
5 LB Qty Price per each
All Purpose $36.99
Championship $36.99
Sweet BBQ $36.99
Touch of Cherry $36.99
Memphis $36.99
Pricing is f.o.b. Our Mfg location

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Three Little Pigs Rubs



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