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Three Little Pigs BBQ Sauce Review

Three Little Pigs BBQ Sauce Review

Well, this reviewer has “BBQ Sauce on the Brain” and I’m glad to know that I have company! Yes, this review was from February of this year and I was glad to finally see our sauce reviewed by someone that we have no contact with. It seems that we might have a new convert! BTW, one of his readers asked if Three Little Pigs BBQ Sauce was “gluten free” because she couldn’t tell. The “All Natural” sauce is gluten free and we expect that line of sauce will be reviewed soon because it is so important to those folks who have Celiac disease or are gluten intolerant. We’ll let you know when we find out! Until then…

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5 Stars. I loved this sauce. Loved the packaging, the name, the taste, the brick house displayed on the bottle – just a really nice concept based on a great fairytale. The original fairytale is a little more gruesome than you might think, involving the death of the first two pigs, and the death of the wolf in the end…


My favorite sauces smell natural to the point that I can picture the ingredients combining into one. Until I made my own sauce, I really had no idea how the flavors came together, so if you are itching to get serious about really tasting your sauce, I’d urge you to make your own – at least once. The sweet-tomato smell was dominant, following by molasses, vinegar, garlic, and Worcestershire. Maybe a touch too much vinegar for the initial sniff, but not enough to get turned off.

Before Cooking Flavor

This was really nice and I was so inspired by the uncooked flavor of this sauce that I tried a few neat new BBQ-based recipes. A prime-rib sandwich with Three Little Pigs Mayo, lettuce, tomato, and Chipotle Cheddar cheese on wheat. Nice. Added some to baked beans (normally a summer food for me, but what the hell). Excellent. Made a BBQ Burger topped with cheddar and this stuff. Awesome.


If you were a fellow taster you might ask, “how did it respond?” And I’d chuckle for a few, thinking about how silly it is to discuss the response of BBQ sauce, then I’d drop the smile, and with a total serious face I’d say, “The response was good, Will, really damn good.” That means it moved around the jar in a natural fashion. When I tipped the jar it took a little while for the sides to get painted. It didn’t slosh around like water, nor did it sit there, like a gooey blob filled with some many chemicals that you’d feel like sludge moments after eating it. Good natural “signs of life” in the sauce, specks and flakes, hence the sauce clung to the meat nicely.

After Cooking Flavor

Well, Huff and Puff certainly retained the flavor well after some time on the grill. My usual taste testing meat product (chicken) carried the sample well (I did drumsticks – some with skin, some without skin). Once thing I couldn’t taste before the cooking was the heat. I noticed the Cayenne Mash got turned on during the cooking to add a little mystery heat aftertaste. Nice little bit o spice aftertaste.


Ketchup, Molasses, Sugar, Water, Cayenne Mash, Garlic, White Vinegar, Dark Brown Sugar, Smoke Flavoring, Worcestershire Sauce. By calling out use of ketchup and not it’s base ingredients (tomato, vinegar, sweetener) they have found a creative way to add HFCS (high fructose corn syrup, the wonder ingredient sometimes blamed for the fattening of America) without clearly placing it on the label. Slick move, but we are on to you, piggies. This one was the closest call in terms of a possible mark against this sauce, but it was well balanced in all other areas.

Marketing and Packaging

Great packaging, theme, fairy tale, taste, consistency, “response,” graphics… They win a lot of contests, so the only thing I’d recommend is to place a few of their awards right on front of the label (instead they are listed on the side – noice but not what people will see first).

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Three Little Pigs BBQ Sauce Review


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