BBQ Starter Kit

BBQ Starter Kit

BBQ Starter Kit – BBQ Season has finally arrived so you will probably want to inventory your supplies to find out what you need to get started. We’d like to help with that! Listed below you will find one or more of what we will describe as BBQ Starter Kits that we think should be a good value for you.

Grillers Starter Kit
2 bags of Wicked Good charcoal briquettes$23.90
3 – Three Little Pigs rubs | 6.5 oz$22.47
3 – Three Little Pigs sauces |19.5 oz$20.97
After Charcoal and More 25% discount =$50.00
Call or send order request via contact form. Not available via shopping cart

 BBQ Starter Kit

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The Open Range – Generation 3 Selected as Top Smoker Grill


The Open Range – Generation 3 Selected as Top Smoker Grill

The “Open Range”, Generation 3 Good-One Smoker/Grill made in Missouri was selected in the “Top 10″ Smoker/Grills in the $1000 price range by the “Amazing Rib Website”
417zy byjEL. SL30  The Open Range   Generation 3 Selected as Top Smoker GrillThis is the 2nd major award the New Generation of Good-One Smokers brand has received in the last 2 weeks from “Major” BBQ Websites.

51SoG9vyolL. SL30  The Open Range   Generation 3 Selected as Top Smoker GrillStop by to visit us and see why the Open Range from The Good-One is the best value you can get in a smoker/grill. Not only do we sell the product but we are competition cookers and can give expert instruction on how to get the best from any smoker you would buy from us!

Don’t forget: lump charcoal – rubs – sauces and accessories!41op98ZacWL. SL30  The Open Range   Generation 3 Selected as Top Smoker Grill

The Open Range – Generation 3 Selected as Top Smoker Grill

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Charcoal Smoker Tips from BBQ Boot Camp

Charcoal Smoker Tips from BBQ Boot Camp

We just finished our 7th(?) BBQ Boot Camp and it was not lost on the participants that a Good-One charcoal smoker is masterful instrument, used with ease by those who have the talent to use it. Does it take a long time to develop this talent? No, not really!

Chris Marks from The Good-One company demonstrated just how easy it is to get the smoker set up, get your meat prepped and then “set it and forget it!”  Is this a gross over simplification? No, not at all! Let’s review the steps shall we? They are:

1) Have a good to great(The Good-One) smoker – check

2) Fill the firebox with good to great (TGO, Ozark Oak, Wicke Good or Real Montana) lump charcoal. – check

3) Light the charcoal with something like a charcoal chimney, starter cubes or even a weed burner! (That last part is way too much fun!) – check

4) Let the charcoal get up to temp while you prep the meat. – check

5) Rub your chosen big meat with cheap mustard and apply rubs according to instructions. – check

6) Put your meat on the smoker, close the lid, spin the spinners all the way in and then back out 1 1/2 turns. Set the damper to a 11 o’clock position and wait 5 minutes. – check

7) Bump the damper up or down depending on whether you need more or less heat. Stick temp probe in desire place in meat. – check

8) Confirm temp as desired. All of this should have taken 30 minutes max. – check

9) Go do something else until shortly before expected to be done. Yea, go ahead, you can do this! – check

10) Confirm meat is at the desired temperature, pull this bad boy off of the smoker and enjoy! Simple enough?

Charcoal Smoker Tips from BBQ Boot Camp

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Thanks to all who attended BBQ Boot Camp

Thanks to all who attended BBQ Boot Camp

This past weekend we held our Spring BBQ Boot Camp and it turned out to be a great event! We had a capacity class on Saturday and Sunday with people who are very passionate about BBQ and wanted very much to improve their skills.

Everyone had a great time and were very enthusiastic about how the BBQ turned out! Taste verifications yielded a big “Thumb Up!” We hope you will enjoy this video filmed by one of our students showing Chris Marks seperating a flat from a point!

Thanks to all who attended BBQ Boot Camp

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Spring Special from Green Mountain Grills

Spring Special from Green Mountain Grills

From now until April 15th, we will give you $100 off on any Daniel Boone or Jim Bowie grill – black, stainless, and/or remote. Yep, this is as good a tax refund, isn’t it? Just faster!!

GMG Spring Special 14 SM Spring Special from Green Mountain Grills

Keep in mind that for a limited time, we are also running another special where we will give 140 lbs of pellets to any customer who buys a new GMG pellet grill and the two specials can be used together! This is just crazy good!

Call us at 812-248-2233, send us a message via our online form or stop by to visit us at 840 S Penn Ave in Sellersburg, IN 47472!!

This is for “in-store” purchases only.

Spring Special from Green Mountain Grills

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Initial review for the Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

Initial review for the Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

Davy Crockett Pellet Grill review from Green Mountain Grills. We recently started carrying the full line of pellet smoker grills from Green Mountain. We are very interested in the how and why of how people get started grilling and smoking. So,  we started by going through the process of taking the the Davy Crockett (sells for $379) through the “burn in” process and then on to the first cook which was something pretty simple, chicken.

We started the “burn in” process and the machine worked well. Because we had to move the unit in the middle of the process we found that it will start over from the beginning if you would happen to lose power during that process. Didn’t seem to matter because nothing unusual happened. After loading the hopper with wood pellets, the unit goes through the three steps of loading the pellets to the burn pot via the auger and igniting the pellets in the burn pot once the pot is filled. It smokes a good bit during the initial ignition but has very little smoke to it once you get close to the 350 degree “burn in” temperature. That all worked flawlessly.

We prepped a nice big, whole chicken by spatchcocking the chicken and flattening it out for uniform cooking. We used a product we sell, called “Sweet Heat” from Custom Smoke when we rubbed the chicken prior to cooking.  Below is a picture of the chicken on the smoker right before we flipped it over and closed the lid.

20140207 150100 Initial review for the Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

Initial review for the Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

We decided to cook the chicken at 300 degrees given the fact that we started at 3 p.m. and didn’t want to stay after hours. We used the meat probe provided with the unit and inserted it into the breast and then change the display so that it always showed the meat temp instead of the internal temp of the smoker / grill. We have a number of tools here to validate or cross check a number of parameters so we used an ET-732 remote temp thermometer to validate the thermometer supplied. The ET-732 read about 40 degrees hotter on average during the cooking process.  There is a grease plate that catches all of the drippings and empties them into a little bucket at the right end of the unit. That plate slants up from the right to the left so the heat will rise toward the left side of the unit. Then we repositioned the chicken with the breast toward the left side because the meat was thickest there. We would estimate the thickness there to be 2 3/4″ – 3″ thick

We cooked from 3 p.m. to 5:10 p.m when the breast meat in the chicken reached 165 degrees. The unit was put into “power down” mode at that point with the blower exhausting any unspent fuel to ash and them the unit was unplugged. Everything worked worked as advertised. You can power the unit directly off of your vehicle battery, through the cigarette lighter socket or through a 110 volt circuit in your building. The Davy Crockett is the “Tailgater” version and works very well in that role.

By the way, the chicken was very moist and flavorful throughout with some of our pickiest customers giving a big “thumbs up” to the effort! We also know from some of our larger catering customers that this combination is a big hit with their customers!!

Come by to see our new line-up of pellet grills and smokers. We’ll be happy to answer any questions we can. You’ll be able to maintain the ease of using propane but also move a step up to having real wood flavor!

Initial review for the Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

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Open House Winner Announced!

We are very pleased to announce the winner of the free one day BBQ Boot Camp class! This was a “door prize” for the people who came to our Open House held this past Saturday.

The winner was Steve Jenkins of Charlestown!!

In addition, there were also four other unannounced winners of Three Little Pigs All Natural Beef seasoning or our Bear Paws!

We appreciate everyone for coming!

charcoalandmore1 Open House Winner Announced!

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Do We Have The Last Wicked Good Charcoal Briquettes?

Do We Have The Last Wicked Good Charcoal Briquettes? We’ve been told that we have the last 84(¿) bags of Wicked Good Charcoal Briquettes in the United States! We can’t confirm that as being true but that’s what we’ve been told. Wicked Good has reported a hiccup in the production of that item and that we can’t get any more until that problem is resolved!

WGC Briquette Spill 2 Do We Have The Last Wicked Good Charcoal Briquettes?

Can that be true? Sure, it could be! Do you know of any in existence anywhere else in the United States, please post on our Facebook reply below on this post and let us know. It should be interesting to find out!

Either way, come to our Open House this Saturday, December 7th and you may have an opportunity to pick up a few of the last bags in known existence!

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How To Spatchcock A Turkey?

What will you learn at the “Open House” this weekend?

If you are here between the hours of noon and 1 p.m., you might learn several things. They will include:

1) How to “spatchcock” a turkey.

2) How to inject a turkey

3) What are the best injections for turkey

4) What injected and smoked turkey will taste like. You are going to love this!!

We look forward to seeing all the attendees on Saturday, here at our offices this Saturday, the 7th of December from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.!!!

Free Injector with Purchase 2 How To Spatchcock A Turkey?

Click image to enlarge

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Lean Recipes for Health: A Holiday Buying Guide

Christmas is coming and if you’re thinking about giving a gift in the way of bbq smokers, here is an important tip -

Lean Recipes for Health: About Barbecues: Holiday Buying Guide

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We know bbq smokers and can help you make a decision about a quality product as well as support you after the sale! Contact us today!

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